An iPhone with facial recognition?

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According to an Apple leak, the expected iPhone 8 will recognize the facial features of the phone user and will be able to detect when he looks at it. When this happens, even if the user is not using it, the mobile device will automatically silence the notifications the user receives, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. As for facial identification, it will not work only when the phone is upright, but will also work when the device is in plan. However, in order to function correctly, the device must be placed at eye level or it must be tilted, with an angle that allows full recognition of the face.

Apple and its technological advances

The new model of the Apple phone will also allow to record videos in slow motion, with a resolution of 1080p, with the two cameras of the device, the front and the back. The technology firm has always been at the technological forefront, with numerous advances that have been improving the performance of the phone. Logically, smartphones have come to have many more functions than to make calls and send SMS, so they should be incorporating new features to not be behind in a market that is moving ahead. There are more and more models and brands with technical innovations and all manufacturers are looking to include the typical feature that draws attention above the others.

Facial recognition would be very important for the safety of the phone, especially in the event of possible theft or loss. Although it is a good idea, it seems that they are still interested in other advances such as virtual reality, which would open up a whole new market and a different way of living the experience of a smartphone. Although it’s a world yet to be exploded, iPhone people are sure to follow it closely.