The most sensual dance in Brazil: Samba

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This dance of Brazilian origin but with a clear African influence, besides being one of the most sensual dances, is one of the most joyful in the world, you can dance alone but still your sensual movements make it worthy to integrate this list. This dance took an extraordinary notoriety in the celebrated carnival of Rio de Janeiro. It looks like sex or and everybody wants to learn how to dance it.

The unmistakable rhythm of the samba is produced by the fusion of typically Brazilian instruments such as tamborim, rattles, reco-reco and cabaca. The group of samba interpreters is called “battery”. One of the most popular sub-genres of samba is the “batucada”, rhythm of repetitive percussion and fast paced. There are more melodic and sung modes, with famous artists throughout Brazil. It is very sensual and sexual.

One of the iconic images of Brazil

The samba is the official dance of Brazil, and is present in all popular celebrations. Characteristic rhythm of the carnival, the “schools do samba” are the dance bodies that interpret this dance of exuberant movements and skipped steps.

During your trip to Brazil you will hear the vibrant chords of samba in dozens of bars and corners. The Brazilians carry this rhythm in the blood, and delight the tourists with their energetic dance. It does not take a great technique to accompany the party, since the rhythm is guiding the feet by itself. But if you want to learn to “sambar” with a real Brazilian, follow in our footsteps and have fun at the most captivating tropical rhythm in the world.

How to dance samba

The samba is a three-stroke dance, which are marked by one foot each time. The typical step of samba is to mark those three times back, but staying in place. To start from scratch, first mark the step to the side, stepping once with each foot and counting “one, two, three”. Then we do the same thing to the other side. The feet always step in an intercalated way, like other rhythms based on three times as the waltz, the sauce or the cha-cha-cha.

When we have mastered the step to the sides, we begin to practice it backwards. Step with your right foot behind the left, then step with the right and step again with the left. Then we repeat the sequence but with the right foot carried backwards from the left. It seems complicated, but it is simple once you master the three times, always intercalando the feet. When we have mastered the pace, we add hip, shoulder and arm movements to make it more sensual. The samba is a terrestrial dance, so that although it is jumped, it is not necessary to elevate it too much, but to keep the feet to the ground.