The most sensual dance in Brazil: Samba

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This dance of Brazilian origin but with a clear African influence, besides being one of the most sensual dances, is one of the most joyful in the world, you can dance alone but still your sensual movements make it worthy to integrate this list. This dance took an extraordinary notoriety in the celebrated carnival of Rio de Janeiro. It looks like sex or and everybody wants to learn how to dance it.

The unmistakable rhythm of the samba is produced by the fusion of typically Brazilian instruments such as tamborim, rattles, reco-reco and cabaca. The group of samba interpreters is called “battery”. One of the most popular sub-genres of samba is the “batucada”, rhythm of repetitive percussion and fast paced. There are more melodic and sung modes, with famous artists throughout Brazil. It is very sensual and sexual.

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