Why you should hire a professional web designer

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First let’s look at how important your website is to the overall success of your business. Before you choose who you hire to design your web pages, it’s normal for you to stop and think about whether and to what extent the web really affects your sales. It’s logical, because if it has little impact on final sales, then you don’t spend the money on hiring a professional web designer.

Many companies still consider that their website is necessary because we are in 2017 and you have to have a website. That is to say, you have to be under obligation, but in reality we all know that it doesn’t give us much.

Can’t it be done for free?

This mentality leads to neglecting the appearance of the website, having it out of date, no calls to action, etc. And the worst thing is that if your website is outdated, the image that the customer takes of your company is very bad. In that case it would be even better not to have a website than to have it in bad condition.

Also many people think, why do I want to have a leading website if all my clients are lifelong and already know me well? Another blunder, because your competitors do perform good marketing actions on their website and are attractive online. That’s why, little by little, you will lose customers, and above all, you are limiting your market exclusively to your current customers.

Many potential clients decide not to hire our services because an acquaintance will do it at a cheap price or will use one of the free services that exist. Faced with this situation, most of us feel a great deal of frustration and wonder if we have the wrong career path, because we do not know what to answer, because there are even moments when we ourselves have our doubts. Therefore, I’ve been thinking about all the points that we as web design professionals can offer that differentiate us from the supposed free and / or made by the neighbor of the fifth.