How to create a good looking website

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Many designers who are not yet familiar with web development often have doubts when uploading their sites to the internet. The process, as you will imagine, does not end with the design. Once the new site is ready, we must consider a series of steps that are usually fairly simple to be able to have the website posted on the internet.

Throughout time and experience we have constantly come across people who have the desire or the need to have an internet presence to publish their information, personal or business, to whom they have some basic doubts about the steps that are required To be able to count on a web page. It is for this reason that we have decided to make a small basic information guide about the implications of the development of a website.

Find a good hosting for your website

This is particularly important when our development includes some kind of web programming. In that case we have to make sure that our client’s web hosting provider supports the type of programming language and database we use. If this is so and our client’s web hosting provider has a good technical support, we should not have any major problem to proceed with the installation. If, on the other hand, our client’s web hosting provider does not support the programming language we use, the database and / or the support it gives us in case we have problems with the installation is not good, we may have That suggest to the client that it changes of service of web hosting.

Clients are usually open to this type of suggestion because they want to have a single provider for all their services, or at least the person who made them their site is co-responsible for the functioning of their website in the future.

Get everything up and running

This is a step that does not necessarily have to do the website developer but often does it to help the client. Once the domain name is pointing to the server of our website we can also create and use e-mail addresses of the type “@”. Normally our web hosting provider will give us access to a control panel from where we can generate all the email accounts we require. Otherwise, you may need to ask your hosting provider to generate the accounts for you.

Once the accounts have been created, your client usually wants to install them in a mail program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail. In the next link you can see how to set up an email account in Outlook. The process for doing so in other mail programs or “clients” is slightly different because the menus of the programs vary, but the essence is the same.