How to enhance your creativity

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Creativity is the ability to create and produce new and valuable things; it considers how the brain works to reach new conclusions and solve problems in an original way. This ability is something that can be learned and improved; it’s like a muscle that can be trained. This does not mean that it is something that can be “automated” because true creativity needs an element of spontaneity to develop. It is also based on knowledge, experience and practice. It can’t be calculated. There must always be an element of inspiration.

If you would like to open new paths and develop your creative capacity, here are five key principles that can help you.

5 tips to be more creative

1. Reading a lot is not enough, it is necessary to broaden your reading: much of the creativity tries to know things and then combine them in new ways.

2. Foster different experiences: new people and experiences result in new ideas and perspectives. Repeating the same people and experiences means more than the same ideas.

3. Encourage your curiosity: don’t take things for granted or seen; maintain a “questioning” disposition; always ask why, act again as a child seeking to know his environment.

4. Observe: it all starts with realizing things, quietly looking at the world around you and thinking about how things could be improved.

5. Experiment: Try new things, and if they don’t work, try new ones. Try to solve problems in different ways. Try to develop a lateral thought; that is, to see things from different angles.

Remember that we are all born with a creative capacity that can be stimulated or not. Like all human capabilities, creativity can be developed and improved. There are many techniques to increase and develop creative capacity. Two of the most interesting are mind maps and semantic networks. So go ahead, exercise your mind as much as you can.